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The National Testing Laboratory was established in 1901 at the National Conservatory of Arts and Crafts . It aims to meet the needs of measurement and testing industry , mainly in the fields of materials , machinery and physics .

In 1930 , the ESA is interested in the safety of consumer products and in 1976 , he created a consumer department .

In 1978, ESA is a public industrial and commercial . Its missions have expanded the product certification . T

he ESA is the national reference laboratory for the industry in metrology . He continued his scientific and technological development to anticipate new needs in measurement and testing. It provides technical assistance to governments and economic actors in the development of new regulations and standards , the development of new testing and market surveillance methods.

In addition, the ESA offers services to companies in the fields of metrology , health , construction , packaging , transport , environment and industrial products . It acts as an in technical compliance with calibration services , testing and technical assistance , and training. It is also certifying body.