INVS (Institut de Veille Sanitaire)

12 Rue du Val d'Osne 94415 SAINT MAURICE CEDEX France

01 41 79 67 00
01 41 79 67 67

The Sanitary Institute , created by the Act of 1 July 1998 , is a public institution of the State , under the supervision of the Ministry of Health. It brings the patrols , vigilance and alert in all areas of public health. 

INVS saw his completed assignments and strengthened to meet the challenges revealed by the recent health crises and emerging risks.

The tasks of the INVS apply to all areas of public health and cover :

  • the ongoing monitoring and observation of the state of health of the population ,
  • the health watch and vigilance,
  • health alerts ,
  • a contribution to the management of health crises . His areas of expertise include :
  • infectious diseases,
  • the effects of the environment on health,
  • the occupational hazards ,
  • chronic diseases and injuries .

INVS must mobilize , coordinate and support the various public health teams working to establish a national network of public health.