GEIDE POST CATASTROPHE (Groupement d'Expertise et d'Intervention Déchets Post-Catastrophe)

C/o FNSA 91 avenue de la République 75011 PARIS Région : Ile de France France

01 48 06 80 81
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The Expert Group and Intervention Waste aims to assist in the management of all forms of waste produced from natural , industrial, or mixed health disasters.

The observations , interviews and preliminary investigations in the creation of EDM show that , in exceptional circumstances but reproducible , health and environmental effects of overproduction waste and degradation of storage conditions are not sufficiently taken into account.

A primary mission of EDM is to conduct evaluations and facilitate through advice and practical interventions people's lives , protecting the environment and maintaining the affected economic activities.

The other primary mission is to provide EDM preventive advice to reduce the causes or consequences of accidents , catastrophes or other event anomalies.

Federations and representative of the waste sector and national environmental organizations have partnered to establish the EDM .

This is thanks to a national presence and a pooling of skills and resources to facilitate interventions in France and neighboring countries.

The EDM is coordinating with the authorities and communities. Founding members : ADEME , ANSF , FNADE , FEDEREC , Robin Hood.