ASTEE (Association Scientifique et Technique pour l'Eau et l'Environnement)

51 rue Salvador Allende 92027 NANTERRE CEDEX France

01 41 20 17 60
01 49 67 63 03

The Scientific and Technical Association for Water and the Environment is a registered charity founded in 1905 association.

It brings together experts, researchers, scientists and practitioners as well as representatives of public and private agencies and departments involved in the various sectors of the environment.

It has extensive research on the many methodological , technical and regulatory aspects related to the management of drinking water reflections , sanitation , aquatic , waste, as well as air quality , noise pollution and energy resources .

The Astee conducts its work through its committees , working groups and committees to conduct studies and research. In addition, its regional chapters provide a true account of local circumstances.

The Astee is empowered to make recommendations to the government. It provides ongoing advice and decision support to the various stakeholders in sustainable development including local representatives of municipalities of all sizes in urban and rural areas