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The Environment Agency and Energy Management , a public industrial and commercial nature, under the joint supervision of the Ministries of Ecology and Sustainable Development , Industry and Research Its mission is to encourage , to facilitate, coordinate, facilitate or carry out operations aimed at protecting the environment and energy conservation .

Organized on 3 sites for central services ( Paris , Angers and Valbonne ), it is composed of 26 regional delegations of 3 performances in territories overseas and an office in Brussels.

ADEME participates in the implementation of public policies in the areas of environment , energy and sustainable development , specifically in the areas of air , construction , noise , climate change , the waste, energy conservation, renewable energy and materials, environmental management of contaminated soils and sites, transport.

ADEME can intervene in a variety of forms ( research support , advice and expertise , tools development , dissemination of good practices, funding, training, information, communication and awareness) and makes these capabilities available to companies, local governments , public authorities and the general public.

ADEME and Sustainable Development: Sustainable development is at the heart of the action of ADEME . This mission was clarified in 2003 by the National Strategy for Sustainable Development to educate all audiences to sustainable development and to assist in the implementation of procedures.