About us

About us

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We are the first French waste management company to have become aware of the imminent danger of the heavy metals found in cables buried underground for the last 120 years.

The pollutants constituent of the electric cables present a real sanitary risk in the same way than asbestos does. They filter through unnoticed into the soil and become a source of environmental contamination to water, land and crops over the years.

Our objective is to use our innovative capabilities to improve the environment we all share in line with the objectives of the European Union.

From waste to resource, our waste collection model is an opportunity to create valuable resources by recycling and developing waste in order to place them in a virtuous cycle.

Onea - a leading operator

We offer a comprehensive range of services to fit in around the needs of our customers, private businesses and local authorities to help them comply with all relevant law and regulations: -

  • We detect unused cables
  • We carry out the survey and draw up an inventory
  • We prepare the mapping with pollution measurements
  • We recycle all your metal and industrial waste where it is sorted and recycled responsibly

Our core values that support our vision and our culture are as follow: -

  • The use of the latest technical expertise
  • A service-oriented attitude
  • A commitment to long term sustainable development
  • An understanding of the International environment
About us
  • An understanding of the International environment

Our customers come first

We make every effort to understand the needs of our customers and to fulfil their needs.

We are committed to deliver the best service to each of our customers for each one of our assignment.

Our commitment to long term sustainable development

We are committed to contribute actively to the emergence of a model for sustainable economic development.

“The giant leap for mankind is not the first step on the Moon, but keeping the Earth.”

When we refer to “Environment”, we mean all the natural components of planet Earth: the atmosphere, the air, the water, the rocks, the plant life, the animals as well as all of the phenomena and correlated interactions such as human activity. 

In the past, the deterioration of the biotope was considered as a local issue, it has now become a global issue. The consequences are dramatic:

  • Deterioration of the subsoil including deforestation on a massive scale
  • Pollution of the atmosphere
  • Pollution of surface and underground water
  • Disappearance of the biodiversity
  • Increasing scarcity of natural resources

The preservation of our natural environment has now become critical as this will have a direct impact on our future and on the future of the next generations.

We have a duty to take action now to preserve our biotope!

The protection of the environment is not just individuals’ responsibilities, it is also the responsibility of states and local authorities. States and local authorities create policies to protect citizens. They are responsible for removing old and unused buried networks, which have been expressly classified as hazardous waste.

About us
About us